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No matter if it’s just you, your family, or an entire company, we are ready to assist you! Our expertise includes urgent visas, work permits, policy consulting, and more. With our skilled assistance, we have helped many others before and are prepared to help you with every step.

Visa Applications and Work Permits

The process to enter a country, to either reside or work, usually requires a non-immigrant visa for a temporary stay with a specific purpose. Countries across Latin America & the Caribbean have different regimes, visa types, and procedures and the duration of each is regularly linked to the duration of the assignment and payroll location. The activities of a temporary visa holder are restricted to those authorized by a visa and/or permit status. Our Visa Application & Work Permit services include the following coordination:

  • Entry Visas
  • Short Term Visas
  • Business Visas
  • Temporary & Permanent Work Visas
  • Dependent Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Special Visas: Including trainees, technical, visitors, entertainment, sports, and religious categories
Residency Permits

PremierDS takes note of all aspects of immigration services. Certain countries require completing a residence process in addition to obtaining a work and/or temporary visa. Similarly, if permanent residence is considered a valuable option, our team can assist from beginning to end. Our Residency Permit services include the following coordination:

  • Temporary Residency
  • Permanent Residency
  • Temporary to Permanent
  • Nationalization

Once visas have been obtained, local identification documentation is required to comply with host country regulations. Our Local Documentation services include the following coordination:

  • Labor/Employment Registration
  • Tax/Fiscal Registration
  • Social Security Registration
  • Other requirements specific to each country

Immigration rules and procedures vary significantly around the region. Advising local authorities of any changes relating to visa & immigration matters is essential.  

Our Notifications services include the following coordination:

  • Visa/Work Permit Deregistration
  • Visa/Work Permit/Local ID Lost, Damaged, or Stolen
  • Marital Status
  • Change of Address
  • Regularization
  • According to the country, any notification required
Documentation management

Immigration procedures require the preparation of specific documentation to prepare for the application and renewal process.

Our Documentation Management services include the following coordination:

  • Procurement of Documents
  • Legalization of Documents
  • Apostille of Documents
  • Legal Review & Consultation